Benefits for Principals and Managers


  • Promotes and supports the improvement of performance based on the new Headline Measures (using both in-year and outturn reporting)
  • Provides in-year data to underpin improvements in, for example Attendance, Soft Skills, English and Maths
  • Monitors the Progress of Learners across the whole organisation enabling managers to intervene quickly in areas where progress is weak
  • Provides a holistic and transparent information source to empower all stakeholders in their roles focusing attention on the achievement of high performance
  • Promotes consistency in Quality Assurance across the college, and ensuring compliance from staff at all levels
  • Enables managers to be proactive quickly identifying and tackling poor performance, so that support can be provided at an early stage
  • Enhances the reputation of your organisation with parents and students

Benefits for learners


  • Enables Learners to engage in tracking their own progress and setting their own targets for improvement
  • Ensures learners know what they are doing well, and what they need to do to improve
  • Students can see week-by-week data on their attendance, punctuality, progress, soft skills
  • Encourages learners to give feedback on their learning and promotes a collaborative partnership with their teachers
  • Encourages students to improve their employability skills, and set long-term career goals
  • Work Experience can be recorded and tracked by students, and supporting evidence uploaded and shared with staff
  • Automatically generates a CV for students, which can then be saved as a Word document and edited further

Benefits for Teaching Staff and Pastoral Tutors


  • Centralises information for all staff providing easy access to all data about a learner –  the learner’s prior learning, target grades, Action Plans, attendance, punctuality, disciplinary and much more
  • Promotes collaboration and effective communication amongst staff and student through the sharing of notes, causes for concern/celebration, progress reviews, action plans
  • Focuses staff on the setting of ‘stretching’ targets which may be monitored via the Progress Review system
  • Ensures a professional dialogue with Parents and Employers providing reports which are based on a set of ‘hard’ data for each learner
  • Enables continuity of support in cases of staff absence
  • Streamlines and speeds up the recording of student data on assessment and progress – so saving time for busy teachers

Benefits for parents


  • Enhances communication between colleges and parents, and encourages parents and employers to play a more active role in supporting the work of the college
  • Parents can keep a close eye on their son or daughter’s progress and performance – they can see information about punctuality, attendance and work experience from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • The Progress Reviews for each student can be easily viewed and downloaded

What our customers say

"eTrackr-ilp has empowered managers by completely revolutionising the tracking of student progress. This has enabled us to quickly identify “At-Risk” learners, provide timely support and set SMART targets to get them back on track."

New City College

What our customers say

"With a tight schedule for an institution wide implementation, I have found the support we have received so far to be excellent. Alongside the responsive support, we have also found the proactive approach of the trainer and the eTrackr-ilp implementation team has really helped ensure a smooth launch. Their wealth of experience implementing the eTrackr-ilp system across the sector has enabled us to draw from a range of approaches to solving issues that arose during the implementation phase of the project. Their inherent understanding of FE and how eTrackr-ilp can be suitably applied within FE continues to inform its application at North Kent College and support our journey towards outstanding."

Steve Humphries, Learning Technologies Manager, North Kent College

What our customers say

"eTrackr is embedded across our college for all study programme and adult qualification courses – acting as the ILP, unit achievement tracker, work experience, destinations and EEP hours tracker, and providing half termly reports to parents through the progress reviews.

eTrackr supports us in ensuring every student has and understands their target grade and provides the mechanism for reporting performance against target.

The range of reports available in e-trackr supports monitoring of performance at all levels of the College and enabled us to provide positive evidence on a range of issues at our OFSTED Inspection.

eTrackr are incredibly responsive and supportive in their customer service and really understand how FE Colleges operate."

Phil Hall, Assistant Principal, Epping Forest College

What our customers say

"Tutors investing time in eTrackr-ilp has acted as an early warning signal to identify learners at risk of not achieving their qualifications…and facilitates early interventions."

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

What our customers say

"Reviews with students have improved and are now owned by both staff and students in meeting targets set, which is helping students to achieve."

Head of Student Services, Lakes College

What our customers say

“At Haringey 6th Form College, we have been really impressed with the levels of support we have received in terms of training, setup and installation. We are delighted to be working with eTrackr-ilp and being able to streamline our student records and quality systems with the introduction of this fantastic new system”.

Lisa Westray - Haringey Sixth Form College

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