Actions Plans

Staff and students can set goals and plan actions to achieve them

Student ILP page with traffic light indicators

Contains all the key information about the learner journey, with modified versions accessible to staff, students and parents; includes ALS information

Progress tracking to criteria level

Tracks progress across a wide range of qualifications, including BTEC, NVQs, CACHE qualifications, GCSEs and A-levels


Detailed week-by-week attendance and punctuality information

Visible to staff, student and parents

Skills Forward & BKSB Integration

Imports initial and diagnostic assessment results into student ILP

Collates Prior Qualifications

Information can be imported from MIS and also inputted directly into eTrackr-ilp

Target Grades

Initial and Aspirational Target grades may be set for all graded qualifications at levels 1, 2 and 3 – providing a framework for ensuring “stretch and challenge”


Targets for Level-3 qualifications may be automatically generated (based on the Prior Qualifications of students) using “Value Added” statistics from the Department for Education (removing the need to pay other providers for similar services)

Destinations tracking

Students input their Intended Destination and staff record Intended and Actual Destinations in relation to ILR categories

Work Experience tracking

Students log hours completed and upload evidence, prior to staff verification – automatically providing data to meet the audit and funding requirements

Assignment Assessment Tool

Allows staff to create assignments and provide feedback – to which students can respond

Disciplinary information

Disciplinary stages can be configured to meet college requirements

Causes for Celebration and Causes for Concern

These can be logged and shared with appropriate parties


Can be attached to student ILPs with configurable categories

Progress Review system

Provides a unified system for monitoring the progress of students across all the college’s courses, departments, areas of learning etc.


Generates high quality Student Reports which may be shared with parents and employers

Ability to attach files for a range of features

E.g for Student Notes, Action Plans, Assignment Assessment Tool, Work Experience

Extensive built-in reporting systems

Over 130 reports available


Includes reports on individual students, courses, group profiles, value-added performance, retention, college performance, work-experience, student destinations

Career Plan and Automatic CV generator

Allows students to self-assess their employability skills and plan their future careers and
goals. They can also prepare for their work placements and generate a CV

SMS messaging

Can be sent to groups of students or individuals

Pre-loaded qualifications database for easy course set-up

A database full of over 25,000 qualifications, with the units and criteria from the Awarding Body specifications.  These can be pulled into the course within eTrackr-ilp for instant set up in only a few clicks.


Courses can also be set up manually, e.g to include bespoke units

Integrates with all MI systems including Pro-Solution, EBS and Unit-E

Support available for data integration process if required

What our customers say

"eTrackr-ilp has empowered managers by completely revolutionising the tracking of student progress. This has enabled us to quickly identify “At-Risk” learners, provide timely support and set SMART targets to get them back on track."

New City College

What our customers say

"With a tight schedule for an institution wide implementation, I have found the support we have received so far to be excellent. Alongside the responsive support, we have also found the proactive approach of the trainer and the eTrackr-ilp implementation team has really helped ensure a smooth launch. Their wealth of experience implementing the eTrackr-ilp system across the sector has enabled us to draw from a range of approaches to solving issues that arose during the implementation phase of the project. Their inherent understanding of FE and how eTrackr-ilp can be suitably applied within FE continues to inform its application at North Kent College and support our journey towards outstanding."

Steve Humphries, Learning Technologies Manager, North Kent College

What our customers say

"eTrackr is embedded across our college for all study programme and adult qualification courses – acting as the ILP, unit achievement tracker, work experience, destinations and EEP hours tracker, and providing half termly reports to parents through the progress reviews.

eTrackr supports us in ensuring every student has and understands their target grade and provides the mechanism for reporting performance against target.

The range of reports available in e-trackr supports monitoring of performance at all levels of the College and enabled us to provide positive evidence on a range of issues at our OFSTED Inspection.

eTrackr are incredibly responsive and supportive in their customer service and really understand how FE Colleges operate."

Phil Hall, Assistant Principal, Epping Forest College

What our customers say

"Tutors investing time in eTrackr-ilp has acted as an early warning signal to identify learners at risk of not achieving their qualifications…and facilitates early interventions."

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

What our customers say

"Reviews with students have improved and are now owned by both staff and students in meeting targets set, which is helping students to achieve."

Head of Student Services, Lakes College

What our customers say

“At Haringey 6th Form College, we have been really impressed with the levels of support we have received in terms of training, setup and installation. We are delighted to be working with eTrackr-ilp and being able to streamline our student records and quality systems with the introduction of this fantastic new system”.

Lisa Westray - Haringey Sixth Form College

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